Our House Rules:

Our house rules remain in effect without exception, even during parties and events! This means that, regardless of the festivities, we expect all guests to adhere to these rules to ensure a safe, respectful, and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone. So, as we celebrate together, we ask for understanding and cooperation so that everyone can enjoy a great experience within the framework of our house rules. Thank you!

Age Limit:
Access to the bar is only allowed for guests aged 18 and older. Please ensure you have a valid ID as we strictly enforce age verification. Fake IDs will be confiscated and handed over to the police!
Alcohol Use:
Enjoy alcohol responsibly. While we happily serve drinks, we ask you to be mindful of alcohol consumption. Excessive drinking is not tolerated.
Respectful Behavior:
Treat staff and fellow guests with respect. Discrimination, harassment, and inappropriate behavior are not tolerated. We strive for a friendly and inclusive atmosphere for everyone.
Smoking is only allowed in designated smoking areas outside the bar. Please adhere to applicable laws and regulations regarding smoking.
Outside Consumption:
Bringing your own drinks and/or food is not allowed. We offer a diverse range of drinks to meet everyone's preferences.
Follow the staff's instructions and respect safety regulations. In case of emergency, follow the indicated evacuation routes.
Noise Level:
Consider the neighbors when leaving the venue. After 12:00 AM, no groups are allowed on the terrace.
Take responsibility for yourself and your friends. If you notice someone feeling uncomfortable or having consumed too much alcohol, we encourage you to inform the staff. The Blue Bar staff always provides an appropriate solution instead of consequences for honesty!