High tea, Wine en Beer 

"Discover our culinary variations - High Tea, High Wine, and High Beer - where each arrangement consists of 3 tasteful rounds, accompanied by perfectly paired dishes. With High Tea, treat yourself to refined tea varieties and a selection of sweet and savory delights. For those who love wine, High Wine offers an opportunity to taste a range of delicious wines, accentuated by matching dishes. And for beer enthusiasts, there's High Beer, featuring an engaging collection of craft beers and savory snacks."

High Tea

 High Tea at Blue Bar is a tasteful tradition where you can indulge in an assortment of delicious organic teas, accompanied by a selection of savory and sweet treats. Relax in our inviting ambiance while savoring thoughtfully prepared small dishes. A perfect opportunity to unwind and enjoy a cozy get-together.

- Amuse soup choice of lobster/tomato
- Snack platter with luxury sandwiches including fresh salad and bites
- Sweet delights with fresh fruit as a conclusion

Starting from 2 persons at 28.5 per person.

High Wine 

 High Wine at Blue Bar" is a refined experience where you can sample a selection of delightful wines, perfectly paired with complementary savory and flavorful dishes. Let your taste buds be surprised by our carefully curated wine selection, served with an array of culinary delights. "It's the perfect opportunity to enjoy a relaxed and convivial wine tasting." Our High Wine consists of 3 courses, each course featuring a different wine along with a matching bite.

- Oysters
- Snack platter with olives, brioche bread with eel and salmon, bread with spreads, and a delicious salad
- Cheese platter

Starting from 2 persons at 49.5 per person.

High Beer 

 High Beer at Blue Bar is a savory and flavorful experience where you can indulge in a variety of craft beers, accompanied by matching savory delights. Let your taste buds be pampered by our carefully curated beer collection, perfectly complementing an assortment of savory dishes. In essence, High Beer at Blue Bar is the choice for beer enthusiasts and lovers of savory treats to come together, taste, and enjoy a convivial get-together.

- Mini hamburgers
- Snack platter with various types of bitterballen including Nachos with minced meat
- To conclude, loaded fries with pork belly

Starting from 2 persons at 39.5 per person.

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