Bites & cocktails  

Dive into the coziness at Blue Bar Oisterwijk and discover the perfect spot for a relaxed drink! Whether you're catching up with colleagues after work or looking to enjoy an informal evening with friends, our bar provides the ideal setting. Expect flavorful drinks, a laid-back ambiance, and a welcoming team ready to make your evening extra special. Cheers to good times and conviviality at Blue Bar Oisterwijk, where every drink becomes a memorable experience! And don't forget to savor our fresh, delightful cocktails!

Antipasti: Fuet, pata negra, olives, bread, papadum, dips. (from 2 persons) 9.75 pp
Pata Negra 80 grams 18
Beef Tataki: Ginger, soy, shallot, fried onion, spring onion. 18.5
Nachos with minced meat: Salsa, minced meat, cheese, and crème fraîche. 13.5
Chicken Gyoza 5 pieces, oriental, lime mayonnaise, hoisin. 10
Blue Balls 6 pieces, teriyaki marinade 8.5
Rendang croquettes 6 pieces, lime mayonnaise 8
Brabantian bitterballs 6 or 12 pieces, mustard, mayonnaise 7.5/13.5
Spareribs bitterballs 6 or 12 pieces 7.5/13.5
Luxury croquettes mix (Oyster mushroom, old cheese, chorizo) 8.5
Mixed snacks 12 or 25 pieces 13.5/21.5
Frikandel special 4.5

Gyoza shrimp 5 pieces, oriental, lime mayonnaise, hoisin. 10
Shrimp tempura Lime mayonnaise, hoisin, bonito flakes. 12.50
Shrimp croquettes Homemade cocktail sauce 8
Tuna Tataki Sweet and sour, wakame, wasabi mayonnaise. 18.5
Smoked salmon Brioche, lime mayonnaise, fried onion, spring onion. 17.50
Smoked eel Brioche, herring caviar, crème fraîche. 15
Fine Claire oyster Lemon, shallot, and red wine vinegar. 3.5 each
Gillardeau oyster Lemon, shallot, and red wine vinegar. 6.5 each

Other Bites
Olives 4
Nachos with tomato salsa Cheese, crème fraîche. 10
Bread with spreads 6.5
Cheese platter 15.5
Snack platter Fuet, cheese, bread, papadum, dips, bell pepper, olives, from 2 persons 9.75 pp"

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